Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving craft ideas

Last week my oldest son came home from school with an awesome craft that he made in art class. It got us thinking, how cool would it be to make something like this for our guests on Thanksgiving?! So we went shopping for some supplies and off we went! I will try and post as many crafts and goodies as I can during this holiday season.


Mini clay pots
Paint (brown, black and white)
Feathers - you can either use real feathers, or be creative and make your own!
Turkey printables - small enough to fit on clay pot
Glue (Elmers or hot glue work), Crayons, Construction Paper, Scissors
Black poster board

For our "place cards" we decided to make turkey's for the girls and pilgrim hats for the boys. I spray painted the turkey pots brown and the pilgrim hats black. Once the black ones were dried, I painted the top brim of the pot white. Once all pots are dried, you are ready for your decorating. Color your turkey's - I cut just the body out, no feet and no feathers. My youngest son was honored that I had asked him to color all the turkeys for me. And he did a great job! My oldest son made the feathers. I cut all items out and glued them to the pots. I also wrote each guests name on the turkey so it officially made it their "place card." For the boys pilgrim hats, I cut out a yellow buckle and colored a black square in the middle instead of cutting out a smaller square due to the size of the buckle. Each boys name was written on the buckle and glued to the hat. I made the brim of the hat out of the black poster board because I felt the construction paper was a little dull for the hats. This was a lot of fun for my family. I will update the photo to include the brim at another time. I took this photo Saturday night after we were all done and did not have the poster board until Sunday for the brim. But you get the idea. On Thanksgiving, each of these place cards will hold another little crafty gift for our guests. Will post pics when I get those done too!