Monday, October 24, 2011

Did someone say Oreos?

You know what I'm talking about. Those delicious cookies with the creme filling inside. YUM! Now imagine them as a cake pop. Kinda hard to imagine right? Well I'm about to show you how these delicious and dangerous desserts can be made. Super easy instructions and the taste is incredibly addicting.

The following are the only ingredients you need: 1 package of oreos, 8oz package of cream cheese (will need to be softened), a package of your favorite chocolate melts, lollipop sticks. What you want to do is chop your oreos to the point where they look like sand. Yes, creme filling and all will go in your food processor. Depending on the size of your food processor- 7 cookies per mix should be good- and break them in half like you do when you're eating them!

Once all the cookies are chopped - place them all in a large mixing bowl. Spoon in your softened cream cheese and mix together. I've been told to use the back of a large spoon but have found mixing with my hands is a bit messy but works much better. You will roll this into a large ball. Once done, roll into 1" balls for your truffles. After this is done- freeze them for about 30 minutes to hold together. Melt your chocolate and you're ready to go. You can dip your truffles with or without the lollipop stick- I prefer with. Once all dipping is done, refrigerate until chilled and you are done. You can decorate with whatever sprinkles, etc. you like.

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