Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Owl S'mores

If you need another quick, easy and fun baking craft for home or school try these awesome looking Owl S'mores. No need for a fire pit to make these delicious snacks either. Just a microwave and a few ingredients are required. 

You will need graham crackers (try to find the new packages of individual crackers so you don't have to waste time breaking them into squares) marshmallows, yellow candy melts (Wilton's are actually good to use for this one even though I am not a fan of Wilton's - they aren't being melted completely here so they'll work just fine) chocolate morsels and the infamous Halloween candy corn. 

Cut your marshmallow in half - place stick side down on the top of the graham cracker. Then place your yellow candy melts on top of the marshmallows- forming the eyes. Place that in the microwave for about 8 seconds  - you don't want them to melt completely, but just enough to stick to each other, if you need a few seconds more or less (all microwaves vary) just adjust your time. When done - place your chocolate morsels on top in the center of the yellow candy melts and your candy corn stick in the middle of the two marshmallows. That's it! Make sure you place these in an airtight container for storage but best to be eaten within a few hours in my personal opinion. 

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